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LifeLine Foods


LifeLine Foods


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Some would say the corn milling industry isn’t the sexiest work. But we would disagree. Our job was to make corn look good — relevant and modern.

But until Sandlot began working with the company, LifeLine looked just like any other corn mill and not a lot like one of the largest corn milling facilities in the world that it was. So what set apart the company, and how did we tell that story?

What we saw across the field was corn mills relying on corn to tell the story. But last we checked, corn didn’t have a whole lot to say, and it surely wasn’t driving potential customers to ask themselves, “What can I do with LifeLine’s corn?” We saw the brand as more than corn, but as a company of innovators constantly working to expand what is possible by providing the highest quality products to a diverse group of customers.

We recreated their logo to be a visual representation of who they are and what they sell but created a brand that was imaginative and creative, conveying a sense of innovation and ambition to expand the possibilities of what corn can do.

In establishing a strong, cohesive rebrand, we created collateral pieces, such as presentations, sales brochures and internal communication documents, and built an attractive, highly functional and quick loading website focused on new customers.

In the first three months following the new site launch, LifeLine Foods saw nearly a 200% increase in website traffic.

Our goal after an overhaul is to continue momentum. Easy, right? Actually our work is just starting. We’ll keep hammering away for our client to shatter the ceiling of what people think corn can do because that’s how they keep growing their business.

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